Horse Shaped Decanter - 1000ml Grand Palomino Decanter
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Decant Your Finest Spirits in the Spirit of the Finest Palomino

The distinctive coat color of the Grand Palomino is triggered by a single gene called the “cream gene.”

It was a Palomino...
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Decant Your Finest Spirits in the Spirit of the Finest Palomino

The distinctive coat color of the Grand Palomino is triggered by a single gene called the “cream gene.”

It was a Palomino who stood by the side of Roy Rogers in 5 feature films.

Now, the distinction of this majestic breed can be yours – decanting your finest, most potent potables while enriching the equestrian spirit in all who behold his splendor.

You’ll find incredible detail blown into its crystal form, so you may choose the distinctive coat color of your Grand Palomino. Perhaps with a single malt scotch…

The finer things in life are often found in the most eccentric packages. And the Grand Palomino spirit decanter is certainly no exception.

Although what you put into him will be all your own, the conversations that spark in the warm glow of bold new decanter will undoubtedly vary…from adventures set in the heart of the Old West to the freedom of the free-range animal running bareback down the shore of a white sand beach.

Wherever your expressions lead, you can always add that your fine decanter:

• Measures 11 inches in length and 7 in tall
• Must be cleaned with care by hand only
• Makes an eclectic gift for anyone wishing to contain their spirit
• Only looks expensive – it’s up to you if you wish to reveal the secret of how affordable it is
• Seals tightly – so no air enters or escapes
• Blown from lead-free crystal for years of safe, reliable servitude
• Has become a staple for the most discerning connoisseurs of the finest spirits

If you’ve always wanted to try a decanter…or you already know the value in ridding yourself of the generic commonness of branded bottles, then the Grand Palomino spirit decanter is just what you’re looking to acquire.

Hand-Blown by Skilled Artisans 

Our horse decanter is brilliantly handcrafted with intricate details and colored accents.

Lead-Free Thick Durable Glass

Our decanters are made of borosilicate glass, a thicker lead-free glass. Our products are stronger and more durable than others on the market yet the intricacies and exquisite details remain.

Holds 1000ml

Whiskey, scotch, bourbon they all look fantastic in this sleek horse shaped decanter.

Airtight Stopper -

Our glass stopper creates a seal to last a lifetime. The pure essence of the liquor is preserved and not evaporated


Product Dimensions: 11x7 inches

Product Weight: 3lbs

Product Volume: 1000ml

Glass: Lead-Free Clear and Colored Glass

Accents: Colored Glass Accents

Use: Liquor or Wine Decanter

Customer Quotes:

"Bought this as a Christmas present for a bourbon and horse lover... Perfect conversation piece and am excited to use it at Derby!"

"I bought this as a birthday gift for my Fiance. He LOVES it! Plus all of our friends keep asking where we got it - it's definitely a show-stopper!"

"very unique decanter the glass is thick and overall i would say it is well made. If you are looking for something different this could be what you want"

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