C-130 Decanter

Etched Globe Decanter with C-130 Inside - 1000ml

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Product Features:

Airtight Ground Glass Stopper

Each Purchase Plants a Tree

Etched Globe Design

Hand-Blown Glass

Holds 1000ml

Lead-Free Glass

Retail Packaging

C-130 Decanter

Etched Globe Decanter with C-130 Inside - 1000ml

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Product Features:

Airtight Ground Glass Stopper

Each Purchase Plants a Tree

Etched Globe Design

Hand-Blown Glass

Holds 1000ml

Lead-Free Glass

Retail Packaging



With more than a million flying hours, the C-130 is a testament to the human race. 

From combat missions to civilian rescues, and even leisure travel.. 

..this flying wonder carries people, animals, and machines across the globe.

The Hercules is a force of nature.

A beast of mechanics. 

A hulking mass of cold hard steel and latent resolve.

Of course, she’s no DaVinci.


..let the sun pierce the clouds and wash over her glorious, eagle spread wings. 

Speeding down the runway, you’ll find she’s quite the Picasso. 

This decanter isn’t for everyone. 

To most she’s just another airplane.

But to those who’ve experienced her might firsthand, she’s a symbol of freedom. 

To those she flew into victory, she’s an image of power and respect. 

And to those with loved ones who returned safely home..

..she’s a symbol of eternal gratitude. 

Buy the C-130 globe decanter for those with memories that should never be forgotten.

     - Guaranteed to arrive at your door unsmashed

     - Handcrafted, solid oak base secures the globe (and liquor)

     - Formed of thick, durable glass to keep it safe and sound

     - Holds up to 1000ml of your drink of choice

     - Enjoy it to remind you of memories that shouldn’t be forgotten

Lift your spirits and take flight with your C-130 globe decanter when you order today.


Hand-Blown by Skilled Artisans -

Within the decanter is an intricate glass plane inspired by the C-130, it is meticulously handcrafted while the 1000ml decanter is built around it. You feel a sense of history and quality on every sip.

Etched Globe Design - 

Enjoy the brilliance and beauty of this handcrafted design as you spin the globe and watch the etched continents turn with your favorite liquor.

Oak Base Crafted in Kentucky -

The wooden display base is handmade of solid oak by master craftsmen in Kentucky. The sturdiness of the base reflects the earthiness of the bourbon.

Airtight Glass Stopper -

The ground glass stopper creates a durable airtight seal to last a lifetime. Air will not mix with the purity of the liquor. The pure essence of the liquor is preserved and not evaporated.


Product Dimensions: 6x5x11 inches

Product Weight: 3lbs

Product Volume: 1000ml

Glass: Lead-Free

Wood: Red Oak

Use: Liquor or Wine Decanter


C130 Decanter

The C-130 is a military transport aircraft capable of landings and takeoffs on unprepared runways. It was originally designed to transport troops and equipment into hostile areas but due to its versatility is now used in both peace and war situations. Using its loading ramp it can hold utility helicopters and armored trucks, the flexible design allows it to be used in many different missions.

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Love it!!
Absolutely love this!! I bought for my anniversary for my husband and he loved it. Well made and unique!!
Review by Ksena McCloy / (Posted on 12/14/2018)
Beaufuful & unique!
Bought this for my husband for his first fathers day. The quality was even more beautiful in person!
Review by Justin D. Dill / (Posted on 8/4/2018)

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Your Top 5 Questions, Answered

The glass is hand-blown borosilicate glass, this is a LEAD-FREE, thicker more resilient glass.

Please see this page on cleaning your decanter (link).

The plane inside is made out of glass, each one is intricately handcrafted by our master artisans.

The glass removes from the wooden base and the liquor is poured from the top of the decanter. We have a video of the decanter in action in the images section above.

Yes we can ship it to you, please email us so we can send you a quote for the shipping costs. Please see this page on cleaning your decanter Please go to the contact us page and tell us your shipping address and which product(s) you want and we will get a quote for you.