Etched Glass Globe Decanter with Plane Inside - 1000ml (P51 Mustang)
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The spirit of the Earth is contained in (and poured from) this beautifully crafted mouth-blown globe decanter. You can feel a sense of history and quality on every sip.

It even stores a piece of...

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The spirit of the Earth is contained in (and poured from) this beautifully crafted mouth-blown globe decanter. You can feel a sense of history and quality on every sip.

It even stores a piece of our American history.

In World War II was the P51 Mustang, a true long-range fighter that jetted across the globe to keep our country (and the world) safe.

Knocking down thousands of enemy airplanes, the P51 has protected us for years. 

And now, in its glory, speed, and power — displayed all within this handcrafted globe, lives on to become a prime protector of your fine spirits. 

Instilling and preserving each drink with a sense of clarity and quality.

As you sip away at your glass, you taste a unique experience.

Not only from the decanter itself, but from the security and respect that this celebrated plane brings you:

    - Handcrafted and hand-blown by skilled artisans

    - Historic design of the famous P51 Mustang inside an etched globe

    - Made of durable glass on an oak wood display base

    - Comes with an airtight glass stopper for a long-lasting, pure taste

    - Holds a perfect 1000ml

This decanter isn’t for everybody. But If you know someone who’s interested in more than just a drink...if it's style, inspired craftsmanship, history and a genuinely collectible piece of art that happens to serve as a decanter then they’ll forever revel in its design and taste for many years to come. 

Decanters are more than gifts. They’re treasures that will be appreciated for years and years to come. Whether you’re buying this gift for someone who loves Small Batch Bourbon, Single Malt Scotch, liquor in general, or even wine, they’ll love how their drink of choice looks against the ship and continents… and they’ll have you to thank for it! 

Delivered Safely To Your Doorstep

Each decanter is packaged carefully and courteously, arriving at your doorstep in a beautifully untouched condition.

Every Purchase Plants A Tree

For each decanter sold, we plant a tree in its honor. So not only are you gifting someone, you’re gifting our planet as well when you order!

Small Inventory

Because our decanters are singly handmade, we have a limited supply available for purchase. So act fast!

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Hand-Blown by Skilled Artisans

Within the decanter is an intricate glass plane inspired by the P51 Mustang, it is meticulously handcrafted while the 1000ml decanter is built around it. You feel a sense of history and quality on every sip.

Etched Globe Design 
Enjoy the brilliance and beauty of this handcrafted design as you spin the globe and watch the etched continents turn with your favorite liquor.

Oak Base Crafted in Kentucky -
The wooden display base is handmade of solid oak by master carpenters in Kentucky. The sturdiness of the base reflects the earthiness of the bourbon.

Airtight Glass Stopper -
The ground glass stopper creates a durable airtight seal to last a lifetime. Air will not mix with the purity of the liquor. The pure essence of the liquor is preserved and not evaporated.


Product Dimensions: 6x5x11 inches

Product Weight: 3lbs

Product Volume: 1000ml

Glass: Lead-Free

Wood: Red Oak

Use: Liquor or Wine Decanter


P-51 Mustang

The P-51 Mustang is an American long-range fighter and the most celebrated American fighter of World War II. The Mustang was the first single-engine plane based in Britain to penetrate Germany, first to reach Berlin and first to make a major scale, all-fighter sweep specifically to hunt down the dwindling Luftwaffe. During WWII it is credited with the destruction of nearly 5,000 German planes. It is estimated that 20 enemy planes were destroyed for every Mustang was that lost in action.

The P51 was simply a full step of advancement ahead of any other WWII plane, and everyone else found themselves rapidly having to catch up. One of the highest honors accorded to the Mustang was President Truman calling it "the most aerodynamically perfect pursuit plane in existence."


Customer Quotes:

"This decanter is simply a work of art. I purchased this as a birthday gift and the birthday boy was very pleased and excited by the surprise! Top notch craftsmanship from all corners."

"Product came promptly and in perfect condition. Looks as good in person as it does in the photos. Sits proudly in my collection and I get a lot of compliments on it. "

"It was a gift and it was a hit! Nice quality and the size is perfect."

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