Charging Bull Decanter

1000ml Bull Shaped Whiskey/Wine Decanter with Colored Glass Accents

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Product Features:

Colored Glass Accents

Each Purchase Plants a Tree

Hand-Blown Glass

Holds 1000ml

Lead-Free Glass

Charging Bull Decanter
1000ml Bull Shaped Whiskey/Wine Decanter with Colored Glass Accents

Charging Bull Decanter
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Customer Quotes:

"How could I not purchase this unique decanter! Bought the Horse as well. For Special Occasions!"

"Looks great on my parents beautiful new wooden bar!!! They love it, and get so many compliments!"

"One of my husband's show pieces! "

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Product Features:

Colored Glass Accents

Each Purchase Plants a Tree

Hand-Blown Glass

Holds 1000ml

Lead-Free Glass



The Running of the Bull

In Spanish it's called Encierro which means to fence or lock-up the bulls. 

Exactly when bull running began in Spain is not immediately clear. Though since at least 1910, it's been a time of celebration where participants run along side the bulls in a closed-track environment. 

It's not always pretty. Many folks are hurt and even hospitalized during this strange celebration. But that's all part of the excitement and adventure of running with these marvelous, impressive, yet dangerous animals. 

In fact, this practice has become iconic the world over with mock celebrations as far west as New Orleans...and nearly everywhere in between. 

Now you can take part with your very own homage to this incredible time of action and ceremonious triumph.

This beautiful mouth-blown decanter is every bit as beautiful, rugged, and demanding of respect as its muse. But without the inherent danger. 

Look closely and you'll notice striking detail as your bull lowers its head to charge forth and claim your bar as his territory. 

His staunch pose and seemingly immovable stature are well represented in this amazingly crafted decanter. 

And there's no bull when it comes to these highlights: 
Holds a fifth of your favorite spirit 
Forged from durable, mouth-blown glass
Always 100% lead-free 
Thick glass for a sturdy design
Perfect wedding, groomsmen or fathers day gift 

If you're looking to add some adventure to your bar...and to inspire hours of conversation about the event that always makes international headlines, this charging bull decanter is the perfect addition. Pick up one now to complete or even start cultivating your personal flair. The sure-fire way to impress your friends and guests every time you share a drink. 

Please run responsibly.


Hand-Blown by Skilled Artisans -

Our bull decanter is brilliantly handcrafted with intricate details and colored accents.

Lead-Free Thick Durable Glass -

Our decanters are made of borosilicate glass, a thicker lead-free glass. Our products are stronger and more durable than others on the market yet the intricacies and exquisite details remain.

Holds 1000ml - 

Whiskey, scotch, bourbon they all look fantastic in this sleek bull shaped decanter.

Airtight Stopper -

Our glass stopper creates a seal to last a lifetime. The pure essence of the liquor is preserved and not evaporated


Product Dimensions: 12x8 inches

Product Weight: 3lbs

Product Volume: 1000ml

Glass: Lead-Free Clear and Colored Glass

Accents: Colored Glass Accents

Use: Liquor or Wine Decanter

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Your Top 5 Questions, Answered

The glass is hand-blown borosilicate glass, this is a LEAD-FREE, thicker more resilient glass.

Please see this page on cleaning your decanter (link).

The tail of the bull also functions as the stopper. Once you remove the tail you pour the liquid from the tail.

Yes we can ship it to you, please email us so we can send you a quote for the shipping costs. Please see this page on cleaning your decanter Please go to the contact us page and tell us your shipping address and which product(s) you want and we will get a quote for you.

The colored parts of the bull are made of colored glass, since it is just glass it will have no effect on the liquor in the decanter